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Your Child’s Vision


Your Child's Vision Early Development Before birth, proper prenatal care and a nutritional diet will aid in the development of your baby’s eyes. Infants are born with an underdeveloped visual system. Your baby’s vision will grow and develop with him. It will start out in his first few weeks as [...]

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Why Choose LASIK?


Why Choose LASIK? What can LASIK do for you? Many people have achieved overwhelming success with the procedure and have greatly reduced their dependence on glasses or contacts. Their active lifestyles are now a lot more convenient. For some people, it's just being able to see the alarm clock in [...]

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Bmore Lifestyle


Dr. Joshua S. Gordon a guest on Bmore Lifestyle  Dr. Joshua Gordon was a guest of hosts Chardelle Moore and Christina Denny on their show Bmore Lifestyle on April 6, 2017. Dr. Gordon discussed the side effects of too much time in front of computers and tablets, and a few suggestions to avoid eye strain [...]

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Nutrition & Eye Health


Nutrition & Eye Health What you should know.. Did you mother ever tell you, "Eat your carrots ... they're good for your eyes"? Well mom has proven to be right again. Medical doctors and clinical scientists around the world have published numerous studies in leading medical journals about the preventive [...]

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The Truth About Contact Lenses


The Truth About Contacts Our practice is specifically designed, equipped, and staffed to provide the contact lens patient with the finest in professional care. The doctors at Barenburg Eye Associates have successfully treated thousands of patients with state of the art contact lenses, including many who were previously told they could [...]

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“Top Drops for Docs”


Dr. Joshua S. Gordon featured in Optometric Office magazine In the January, 2017 issue of  Optometric Office magazine, Dr. Joshua Gordon contributed an article entitled "Top Drops for Docs." Optometric Office magazine offers optometrists pertinent information about the products that serve them in their practice. Produced nine times a year, the publication discusses product features, benefits, and applications for [...]

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Optometric Office Podcast


Dr. Joshua S. Gordon featured on the Optometric Office podcast This Optometric Office podcast with moderator Dr. Richard Clompus features Dr. Joshua Gordon from Barenburg Eye Associates in Baltimore, MD. Dr Gordon shares how he integrates Optovue’s OCT iWellness scan into his exam protocol. Diagnosing disease not seen with an ophthalmoscope and managing patients [...]

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“Optometrists Eye Building Restoration”


Dr. Mark B. Gordon talks with The Baltimore Sun In the February 7, 2005 edition of The Baltimore Sun newspaper, Dr. Mark Gordon was asked about the restoration efforts of the Barenburg Building at 100 Parke Ave. Constructed in 1892, it was one of the buildings to remain intact after The Great Fire of 1904. [...]

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