Dr. S. R. Gnanakkan, O.D.

Specialties: Comprehensive Eye Care, Ocular Disease

Dr. Gnanakkan grew up in Baltimore County and attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in Philadelphia, PA. He concurrently enrolled in an MBA program to graduate with a Doctor of Optometry and MBA in May 2001.  Dr. Gnanakkan developed a research interest in Molecular and Cellular Biology while studying at the University of Maryland and studied various Neutrophic Growth Factors and inflammatory processes before entering optometry school. His primary interest is the medical side of Optometry where he continues to study various effects on ocular structures in patients with auto-immune diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, and degenerative diseases and conditions related to genetics and aging. He has certifications in Minor Surgical Procedures for Optometrists, Laser Therapy for the Anterior Segment, and Orthokeratology (Corneal Refractive Therapy).


In his free time he enjoys tennis, jogging, swimming and traveling. He also enjoys flying single engine airplanes and has interest in furthering his skills in getting instrument rating.