Dr. Jonathan D. Ekedahl, M.D.

Specialties:  Comprehensive Eye Care, Clinical and Surgical Management of Cataracts

Dr. Jonathan Ekedahl received his B.A. in Biology from Washington University, St. Louis in 1997 and his M.S. with Distinction in Physiology from Georgetown University in 2003.  In 2008 he completed medical school at the University of Maryland Medical School Baltimore.

Upon graduation, Dr. Ekedahl completed his internship in internal medicine at Mercy Medical Center followed by a three year residency in ophthalmology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Dr. Ekedahl’s accomplishments include the George Frick Award for Excellence in Ophthalmology from the University of Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth University as well as his research with the National Institute of Health (NIH). He has made formal presentations in Age Related Macular Degeneration, Rod-Cone Dystrophy, Retinoblastoma and Conjunctival Melanoma.

Dr. Ekekahl is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and is Board Certified in Ophthalmology.

A native Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Ekedahl resides in Baltimore with his wife, and children.