Dr. Mark B. Gordon, O.D.

Specialties: Comprehensive Eye Care

Dr. Mark B. Gordon started his own practice in late 1971 in Taneytown, Maryland shortly after his return to Baltimore from New York where he did an extended residency. After a year in practice, he took an associate, Dr. Howard Levin. Together they opened or bought additional practices throughout the greater Baltimore area. These practices were known as Gordon and Levin until 1980, when the doctors added 3 Barenburg practices to their existing 6 practices. To insure continuity, all practices became known as Barenburg Eye Associates.

Dr. Gordon attended the University of Maryland from 1964 until 1967 when he was accepted a year early to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. There he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1968 and his Doctor of Optometry degree form in 1971. After graduation, Dr. Gordon attended the New York Optometric Center where he continued his studies in Vision Training.

Dr. Gordon was one of the founders of MEC Health Care, one of the first managed eye care companies in the country. He was critical in establishing optometry as the entry point and standard of care for such companies as BlueCross/Blue Shield, Carefirst, Potomac Health, Trigon Health and Kaiser Permanente, among others. Dr. Gordon served as C.E.O. and President until MEC was sold and he returned to full time optometry. 

Dr. Gordon is a member of both the Maryland and American Optometric Associations.